Accessibility For Website Users


HCS is committed to making sure our website is accessible to as many of our customers as possible. We aim to ensure that it conforms to level ‘Double A’ of the ‘World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines’. These guidelines provide advice on ensuring that websites are more accessible to audiences with disabilities.


Our users may:

  • make our website easier to read by changing the way it is displayed on their particular computer. They can do this by changing the size of the text displayed, using Ctrl + and Ctrl – to make the text larger or smaller.

  • change the settings on their computer to make the mouse point easier to see, magnify the screen or change the colours of the background and text.

  • go to the BBC’s ‘My Web My Way’ pages to find out more about how to change these settings.


We follow guidelines to:

  • use clear, simple language;

  • use colours that have enough contrast to ensure that type is legible;

  • use pdf documents as little as possible;

  • make pdf documents as accessible as possible where we do need to publish them.

We will test our website on the browsers and operating systems that are most widely used by our visitors using:

  • Internet Explorer on Microsoft Windows – we test on brower versions that are used by at least 2% of our audience.
  • other browsers and operating systems – we test on the combinations that are used by at least 1% of our audience. These are Firefox on Microsoft Windows; Google Chrome on Microsoft Windows; and, Safari on Apple Mac computers.

We are confident that this testing means that other browsers should be able to display our website successfully.