Are you caring for someone who has had a stroke?

Stroke Association

Are you caring for someone who has had a stroke?

Stroke Helpline: 0303 3033 100

The Stroke Association suggest 5 ways to adapt the home to make life easier.

Look at the Layout: If walking is difficult look at trip hazards. Sturdy furniture strategically placed can be used to lean against to rest. Keep things you use often (glasses and pens) on a side table near your usual chair.

Keep Warm: Cold temperatures increase the risk of stroke, so have your heating system regularly serviced. Consider fitting draught proofing and insulating your loft. The Government ‘Green Deal Scheme’ offers up to £1,600 cashback when you have energy efficient improvements carried out in your home.

Stay in Control: If bending down, stretching up or gripping objects is a problem, there may be solutions, for example lowered light switches or raised sockets and many DIY shops sell plug handles or pulls. Touch-sensitive lamps and motion sensitive lights that come one when you walk past can also help.

Be Safe: Stroke can affect balance, increasing the risk of falls. An Occupational Therapist can advise on equipment such as a second handrail on the stairs, or grab rails around the house as well as electronic bath seats, hoists and stair lifts. Make sure that floors are free from loose rugs or frayed carpets and lighting is good. Steps and ramps can make going in and out of your house easier.

Get Technical: An increasing number of highly technical devices allow people with severe mobility problems to live independently.  These include sensors that detect floods or extreme temperatures and raise the alarm or pressure sensors that will detect if a vulnerable person has fallen or simply not got up in the morning and alert you, their Carer.


The Stroke Association will be delivering Stroke Awareness Sessions at each of our support groups (Support Group dates, times and venues) throughout 2015.

Everybody is welcome, even if you don’t usually attend a group.

For further details, dates of sessions etc. please call 01432 356068 or email

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