What the Care Act means for Carers

SKMBT_C28015070308580What is the Care Act?

The Care Act replaces most current law regarding carers and people being cared for.

It outlines the way in which local authorities should carry out Carer’s assessments and needs assessments; how local authorities should determine who is eligible for support; the new obligations on local authorities; and how local authorities should charge for both residential care and community care.

The Care Act is mainly for adults in need of care and support, and their adult carers. There are some provisions for the transition of children in need of care and support, parent carers of children in need of care and support, and young carers. However the main provisions for these groups (before transition) are in the Children and Families Act.

For more information visit Carers UK and their list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Updated 3 July 2015.

The Care Act is a new law which brings together lots of different parts of adult social care law. The main aspects of the Act came into force on 1 April 2015, and Herefordshire Council are responsible for ensuring the new law is carried out in Herefordshire.

In short, the Act gives Carers the same rights as the person they care for. It is important for you as Carers to know that your needs and wishes should now be respected in your own right.

‘Click here’ to download a full copy of ‘What the Care Act means for Carers’.

This document details:

  • What the Care Act covers
  • Who is a Carer
  • Wellbeing and prevention
  • Identification of carers
  • Information and advice
  • Carers Assessments
  • Support planning
  • Advocacy
  • Eligibility
  • Who is responsible for supporting a Carer?
  • Personal budgets
  • Charging Carers for their own support
  • Portability – Keeping support when Carers or people they care for move
  • Transition to adulthood

If you have an questions or concerns relating to anything mentioned in this document please call Herefordshire Carers Support on 01432 356068 or email help@herefordshirecarerssupport.org.

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