What every carer needs to know: a guide to mental capacity

SKMBT_C28015080411110Contents include:


1. Some useful background information about the law and mental capacity

1.1 When can people make their own decisions?

1.2 How is mental capacity assessed, and who decides whether a person can make a decision?

1.3 If the person I care for can’t make a decision, who makes it?

Best interests decision-making

2. Lasting powers of attorney and court deputies

2.1 What is a lasting power of attorney and how will it help?

2.2 How do you set up a lasting power of attorney?

3. If there is no lasting power of attorney in place, what other ways are there of managing a person’s money?

3.1 Appointees

3.2 Court appointed Deputy

4. Carer’s and community care assessments

5. Direct payments

5.1 Can someone who has limited mental capacity still receive a direct payment?

6. What happens if I disagree with a decision that social services or health want to make about the person I care for?

7. How can I get more advice and information and where can I turn if I need support or advocacy

To view a full copy of this document visit carersuk.org.

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