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Golden Fleece Public House, 1 St Owen Street, Hereford | Boots, High Street, Hereford | Gemma’s Handy Café, Butter Market, High Town, Hereford | Matabeau Café, 21 Commercial Road, Hereford | Tesco, Bewell Street Hereford | W H Smith, High Town, Hereford | Score Community Opportunities (Affinity Trust), Unit 5, 50 Catherine St, Hereford | Midland Heart office, Eign Street, Hereford (opposite Steel’s Garage) | Newton Farm Community Centre, 21/23 The Oval, Newton Farm, Hereford | iAspire Community Hub, Canal Road, Hereford | Monday Club (Mondays only), Richmond Club, Edgar Street |Kindle Centre, by Asda, Hereford | Old Market shopping centre, Hereford.


Boots, High Street, Ledbury | Ice Bytes, 38 The Homend, Ledbury | Library, Bye Street, Ledbury


Bromyard Laundrette, Broad Street, Bromyard | Library, Bromyard Leisure Centre, Cruxwell Street, Bromyard | Co-operative Store, Broad Street, Bromyard | Rowlands Pharmacy, High Street, Bromyard


Boots, Corn Square, Leominster | Wetherspoons, Corn Square, Leominster | Co-op, Dishley Street, Leominster | Library and Info shop upstairs, 8 Buttercross, Leominster | ECHO, West Street, Leominster | The Music Box, West Street, Leominster | Savoy Cake Shop, Broad Street, Leominster | Tourist Information Office, Draper’s Lane/Corn Square, Leominster


Café Eazz, Croft Court, Crofts Lane, Ross | Sue Ryder, 54 Broad Street, Ross | Scope, 1 Market Place, Ross | Cancer Research, 11 Market Place, Ross | Library and Information Centre, Cantilupe Road, Ross | Wetherspoons, The Mail Rooms, Gloucester Road, Ross | Café Eleaganza, 2 Broad Street, Ross


Border Bean, 22-24 High Street, Kington | Kington Post Office, 63 Bridge Street, Kington | Sally’s Pantry, 10 Headbrook, Kington | Grandad’s Shed, 26 High Street, Kington | The Burton Hotel and Cloud Nine, 1 Mill Street, Kington


St Leonard’s Church and Community Centre.

For information about safe places, how to register for a card and to receive regular updates please contact Rose Hunt via email to

Hate Crime

As a Carer, have you ever come across bad behaviour either aimed at the person you are caring for, or at yourself?  This bad behaviour can take many forms, it might simply be someone swearing or calling you names.   It could be someone who physically hits or abuses you or it could be someone who deliberately takes or breaks something belonging to you.  Some refer to this type of bad behaviour as bullying; the police refer to it as a Hate Crime and it can result in the perpetrator going to prison.   To find out more about Hate Crime go to

Local Independent Advisory Group (LIAG)

The main aim of the LIAG is to improve the quality of policing, many victims do not even realise they are being victimised.  Some victims are too scared to contact the police directly for fear of retaliation.  The police want to encourage victims to come forward and the LIAG will monitor how the police respond.   If you think you might be a victim of a Hate Crime there are various ways that you can seek help:

  1. a)    In an emergency call 999
  2. b)    In a non-emergency call 101
  3. c)    Go to a police station or stop a police officer on the beat
  4. d)    Call Victim Support on 0845 3030 900
  5. e)    Call Crime stoppers on 0800 555 111
  6. f)    Report it online:
  7. g)    Go to a Safe place – there are many organisations in Herefordshire who will take you in and call the police for you.   Safe places Herefordshire list

Valerie Fitch, a registered Carer and Trustee of HCS is a member of the LIAG, if you would like to talk to her about the response you received following a report of Hate Crime to the police you can contact her on


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