Support for Carers in GP surgeries

Support for Carers in GP surgeries

Hilary Lewis, Health Service Link Worker

Hilary Lewis, Health Service Link Worker

Carers Leads

Through our Health Services Link Worker, Hilary Lewis, Herefordshire Carers Support link with all of the Herefordshire GP Practices through a Carers Lead to ensure that all Health Professionals are aware of and understand carers needs and aspirations and the support services that are available to them. Find out more about Carers Leads and Hilary’s role.

It is important to remember that your Practice cannot assume you are a Carer and add this to your records it must be agreed by yourself.

Carers Leads across Herefordshire as at September 2016

To enable your GP Practice to support you in your caring role you should:

  • Inform your Practice that you are a Carer and ask them to code this on your medical records
  • Check that your role will then be added to the Practice Carers Register and that you will be contacted for a free flu jab (Flu facts for Carers)
  • Make an appointment with your GP and explain your caring role and how this role affects your own health and wellbeing
  • Highlight any specific needs you or your Cared For may have in relation to making and attending appointments
  • If your Cared For is at the same Practice, ensure your details are added to their records to say you are their Carer
  • Complete any forms at this point that your Practice has in place for sharing information
  • If your Cared For is at a different Practice follow the steps above and explain that you are a Carer for one of their patients

Does your GP care about carers? Nominations now open for Caring About Carers Awards 2016

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