Report of Carers Rights Day 2016

Report of Carers Rights Day 2016

Introduction by Dr Sheila Marsh who recently became the Chair of Herefordshire Carers Support.

She thanked everyone for coming and giving up their time especially Carers who had made all the necessary arrangements to enable them to be present. She also acknowledged all the Carers who were unable to be at the day including our previous Chair Janet Fellows due to their own ill health or difficult caring responsibilities.

Sheila reminded us that the purpose of Carers Rights Day was to make the links with national policy and local implementation.

Key note speech by Baroness Jill Pitkeathley, Patron of Herefordshire Carers Support

It has been an extraordinarily dramatic year with Brexit, the election of President Elect Trump and Leicester winning the Championship!

There was very good news at the start of the year when we managed to get Carers exempted from the proposals to put a cap on the amount of benefits a household could receive but following that there was not much cheerful news to report.

The Carers Strategy has still not been published and is not now expected until next Spring.

The state of social care is giving widespread concern and there has been disappointment that in spite of pleas from Local Authorities, Health bodies,  Voluntary sector organisations and politicians of all colours and persuasions, the Chancellor has allocated no new funds to social care and in fact had not even mentioned it.

Joint presentation from Martin Samuels Director of Adults and Wellbeing, Jo Davidson Director of Childrens Wellbeing (both Herefordshire Council) and Simon Hairsnape Accountable Officer for the Clinical Commissioning Group.  Read more.

GP Awards judged from the nominations made by Carers

GP AWARD Winner:  Dr A Johnson from Much Birch surgery

Highly Commended:  Dr Dua Dr R and Dr O Penny, and Dr Leeman


GP Practice Awards judged through a set of standards and nominations from Carers

GP PRACTICE AWARD Winner:  Weobley and Staunton-on-Wye

Highly Commended:  Westfields, Pendeen, Much Birch and The Marches in special recognition of Fay Ladd’s work.


Schools Award  judged through a set of standards and nominations from Young Carers

Bronze Award:                                               Hereford Academy

Silver Award:                                                 Eardisley Primary & Wigmore High School

Gold Award:                                                   Weobley High School

Find out what support is available for Carers in GP surgeries.

Closing remarks

Dr Sheila Marsh closed the day with thanks to all the contributors and the HCS team. She remarked that if everyone went home with just a smile on their face from days such as Carers Rights Day that we had probably failed to do our job which is to keep pushing the challenging issues and to keep the recognition of the contribution made by Carers as high as possible.

Feedback from those who attended.