Carers Toolkit campaign

Carers Toolkit campaign

Carers Toolkit campaign aims to get Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to do more to identify carers, by using the Toolkit provided to them by NHS England in 2016. Not enough people in an unpaid caring role are identified as carers.

This means carers go without:

  • the support they need, which then puts carers’ own health and wellbeing at risk.
  • it can also lead to avoidable admissions into and delayed discharge out of hospitals.

We all know about the pressures on hospitals. Recent research has shown that carers are more likely to have a long term health condition than people not in a caring role.

We also know that most carers say their caring role has had a negative impact on their health. This puts their own wellbeing at risk and could have an impact on the person (or people) they care for. The NHS and social care services are likely to be impacted too as they could be called upon to provide unplanned care.

Identifying and supporting carers is part of the solution to the pressures the wider health and social care systems are under. By supporting carers to look after their own health and wellbeing, we can help carers to continue in their caring role for as long they want to.  This can only happen if carers are identified and supported.

Take action and write to our local CCG.


Council put on their website on Thursday 18 January (with no prior warning to anyone affected) that they are making major cuts to services for Carers for the 2017/2018 year that begins on 1 April 2017.

The effect of this for Herefordshire Carers Support is that the Council intends to cut our funding by half from £275,000 to £137,000 for the coming year. And worse, they say future years will see even more reductions, with the Council expecting Carers to replace this support with self-help, self-management and volunteering.

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