Views of Herefordshire General Election candidates on support for unpaid Carers in Herefordshire

Dear Candidate

I am writing to you on behalf of Herefordshire Carers Support, the leading organisation in the County working to support unpaid Carers, of all ages from the vulnerable young Carers of school age to the very elderly frail Carers looking after partners or grown-up children, and Carers involved in care of all conditions, illnesses and disabilities, mental and physical. We are a long-standing charity committed to promoting the voice and meeting the needs of Carers.

We are asking for your views on support for unpaid Carers in the county in order to publicise these to the Carer population (currently estimated by the council to be approaching 35,000 or 1/6 of the population) on our website before Election Day. We are writing to all Candidates in both constituencies who have an email address freely available on the internet.

Carers want to know what local MPS views are and what they will do to support unpaid Carers, who as is well known save the public purse vast sums that would otherwise have to be found for NHS and social care services. Increasingly the pressures in these services are being transferred to the unpaid Carer e.g. rapid discharges, waits for social care support. Carer support helps Carers cope, helps them keep caring despite the strains, helps them find ways to keep working, or to (re)gain a life outside of caring. But as you will know funding cuts are threatening this support just at a time when Carers are making a critical contribution to the overall picture of how we as a society keep people cared for.

Please consider sending us a statement of your views and we will post all that we receive prominently on our website. Many thanks for your help.

With best wishes, Sheila Marsh: Chair, Board of Trustees

Response from Roger Page

Labour Candidate for North Herefordshire

Response from Diana Toynbee

Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Hereford and South Herefordshire

Response from Jim Kenyon

Independent candidate for Hereford & Herefordshire South

Response from Lucy Hurds

Liberal Democrat for Hereford & Herefordshire South

Response from Ellie Chowns

Green Party candidate for North Herefordshire

Response from Jesse Norman

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Hereford & South Herefordshire

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