Become a Trustee

Become a Trustee

We currently have vacancies on our Board and would welcome an application from you to become a Trustee if you think you can offer the time, energy and experience needed to help run our organisation.

I was asked to consider becoming a Trustee of Herefordshire Carers SUpport by my village neighbour (herself then a Trustee). I hadn’t heard of HCS but when I looked into the organisation I thought it well worth helping. Ten enjoyable years later I realise how rewarding it has been to use my experience and skills for a good purpose that would otherwise have been wasted after retirement. I wasn’t a Carer at first, but became one, then an ex-Carer and am likely to become a cared-for!

Bernard Disley

Herefordshire Carers Support exists to ensure that carers are universally recognised as fundamental to the communities in which they live and to ensure that there is a balance between their caring responsibilities and their lives outside their caring role. It is a Company Limited by Guarantee and its trustees are both members and directors of the charity.

Each Trustee undertakes a lead role on the board for an area of expertise or acts as backup to another Trustee having that role. Our current priorities for strengthening the board are:

  • Developing income through grant funding, contracts and other income-generating services.
  • Governing the organisation including our membership scheme.
  • Developing a team of active volunteers to support our professional employees.
  • Controlling our financial management.
  • Driving optimum use of our resources in co-operation with other regional Carer organisations.

I have been a trustee for a charity in the past but this time it’s personal. My partner has early onset vascular dementia and so over the last few years I have started on the carer journey. I wanted to contribute to HCS and to other carers before it becomes too difficult for me to take time to do this. I feel strongly that good local community organisations make for a better Herefordshire and that making efforts to put HCS on the best footing we can, in these very difficult times for charity funding, is crucial work. We need as much help as we can get to do this!

Chair of Trustees, Sheila Marsh

We would particularly like to receive applications from Carers, former Carers or people with an interest or involvement in caring within health and social care systems. However, please don’t let this prevent you from applying if you are able to bring other relevant experience and skills from elsewhere, such as a charity, business, or other field.

Becoming a Trustee was a big decision and not to be taken lightly.   I didn’t think I had it in me and wondered whether or not I would be good enough.   I think these are things that everyone who hasn’t been a Trustee before would think.   I have not looked back and have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Trustee.   I have even made new friends.   The work can be taxing but it would be boring if it was not a challenge.   Everyone is so kind and helpful which is why I am still a Trustee.   As to why I became a Trustee – it was because I appreciated, being a Carer myself, what the organisation did for Carers, and wanted to help them to continue the good work.

Valerie Fitch

Guidance on becoming a Trustee and a copy of our Articles of Association (our constitution) are available on request. We are happy to invite applicants to meet with an existing Trustee to discuss our role and to attend a Board Meeting as an observer to see how we work. We offer a comprehensive induction package to new Trustees and training courses are available.

A Trustee must be aged 16 years or older and not disqualified from acting as a Director under the Charities Act 2011 or other law. Trustees are not paid but reasonable expenses incurred will be reimbursed.

For an informal chat, or an application form, please call 01432 356068 or email [email protected]