How is your Caring Role?

How is your Caring Role?

Herefordshire Carers Support always wants to hear how Carers are coping in their roles, what makes it worthwhile, what makes it difficult and what would improve their lives as a Family Carer.

Our ‘How is your caring role?’ online surgery gives Carers an opportunity to tell us this information at a time convenient for them – sometimes that is at 4.17am.

We use the information gathered from these online surveys to do our best to give Carers the information and support they need via our monthly ebulletins, quarterly Keeping In Touch magazines, social media sites and Carers monthly Groups.

Carers can of course call our office on 01432 356068 or email us via [email protected] Monday – Friday and speak to a member of our team.

What has been good about your caring role?

More independence with daughter. In laws with dementia voicing appreciation of their home, first time since moving 4 hrs ago.

What has been ‘not so good’ about your caring role?

I feel torn between the conflicting demands of the two people I care for. Each is jealous of the time I give to the other and has a huge sense of entitlement. My own retirement (I am nearly 73 years old and have been caring for my mother for 12 years) has been severely impacted and I feel quite depressed about the future.

How could your ‘Caring Role’ be improved?

Better understanding of the affect a stroke has on the brain and the changes it causes and how a stroke victim may now see life. I can only imagine. Counselling for us both together to help us work together instead of the changes pushing us apart. Him understanding the impact on me without him taking any blame. Discussions with other carers that also work full time.