Hereford Library Services

Hereford Library Services

Your views – More Facilities at Hereford Library

If you are a regular visitor to Hereford Library you will have seen that they have been renovating and making some improvements.  During the course of the works, a large space on the mezzanine floor (currently behind closed doors) has become available for public use.

As the Library finalise their plans they would like to hear how library visitors would like to see this space used and to understand the level of demand. They can’t promise they will be able to include everything you want, but all suggestions are welcome.

The Library space is a great asset which is relatively accessible. It would be great to hear from Carers about how the Library might meet their needs.

Please note this is specifically about Hereford Library – not others across the county.  Those who decide to take part can win a £10 book token.

If you need help to understand the document, or would like it in another format or language, please contact Hereford Library on 01432 383600.

Hereford Library Services Survey 2018

Surveys need to be returned to Hereford Library by Saturday 8th September.