From April 1st 2019, Herefordshrie Carers Support (HCS) will no longer register Carers. All Carers should contact the new service provider Carers Trust4All (CT4ALL) tel: 01432 663057. Carers wanting advice, information and/or support can call themselves or professionals can call on their behalf.

The following HCS staff will transfer across to the new organisation: Chrissy Dunlop, Jude Loveridge, Michelle Baillon and Lauren Keen, providing continuity for you as well as Carers.

HCS will continue in a different capacity looking to offer a range of events for Carers including training, counselling and social activities. Carers can now become full members HCS which also means that they can take part in future decisions about HCS. Membership forms are available at

Herefordshire Carers Support is currently advertising a contract for Activities Coordination to organise the training and social outings. Future activities and events will be advertised on the website and details sent to all Carers who have given HCS their contact information. The Emergency Card Scheme, DESH and ICount Carers discount card scheme are passing to other local organisations.

The HCS phone line will be operational for a further 3 months but will direct callers to the new provider, CT4ALL, who are based at the Fred Bulmer Centre, Hereford. Their phone number is 01432 663057.

HCS can still be reached via Twitter and Facebook.

To contact HCS after 1st April please use [email protected] or call 07814 951982 but please be aware that messages will only be picked up on a Tuesday and Thursday.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your commitment and effort in supporting Carers alongside us over the last years.