Connecting Carers

Herefordshire Carers Support (HCS) provides a single, easy point of contact for Carers, through telephone, website, social media or face to face contact that Carers can access and navigate their way to accurate information, relevant services and on-going support from a range of sources.

‘Connecting Carers’ is about direct support to Carers and includes:

  • Connecting Carers to information and advice, and signposting you to relevant services
  • Encouraging mutual support and networking among Carers
  • Enabling Carers to build resilience to maintain their wellbeing and sustain their caring role
  • Assisting Carers to resolve short term crisis and find long term solutions
  • Identifying and signposting Carers to training opportunities (but not providing our own training days)
  • Identifying Carers and encouraging them to register