Young Adult Carer Groups

A significant number of young people in Herefordshire look after a member of their family or a friend with a disability or long term illness. While this can be rewarding it can also impact on their own lives and development.

If you are one of them you will know how much time you spend caring and coping on your own. You may not be aware, but you are not the only young adult carer around or that there is support out there to help you.

Practical help, support and advice for Herefordshire Young Adult Carers

Specifically for this age group, 16 – 25….Herefordshire YAC  (Young Adult Carers), who are funded by HCS, can help in a variety of ways. We can signpost you to other relevant agencies, offer help and support with college/university, training and employment, housing and other benefits, access to counselling, health and well-being support, as well as enable you to meet others socially who are in a similar situation.

Herefordshire Young Adult Carers Group meets fortnightly throughout the year.

When some young adult carers were asked why they come, this is what they said…

  • ‘Meet people in the same situation as you who understand’
  • ‘Be listened to and not judged’
  • ‘It’s a much needed break from home’
  • ‘Peer support’
  • ‘Meet new people and make new friends’
  • ‘Be with people the same age’
  • ‘Having fun’
  • ‘Get out to places’
  • ‘Able to have useful information and advice’

An Advocacy service and One to One support is also available.

If you care for someone and would like to know more about Herefordshire YAC please contact….

Ed Roberts on 07548913863                      Email [email protected]