Stress and Anxiety Management

Stress and Anxiety Management

Date Thursday 2nd March 2017
Time 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Herefordshire Carers Support

are offering FREE training with Rebecca Edmonds Hypnotherapy.

What is clinical hypnotherapy?

Clinical hypnotherapy offers a unique approach to overcoming obstacles and making permanent, sustainable changes. It uses relaxation techniques which are pleasant and enjoyable. It uses visualisation techniques to enable you to focus on creative solutions and move forward in a constructive way. It isn’t magic, but it does make the process of making change easier by kick-starting your motivation and getting you in the right mind-set.

Clinical hypnotherapy can help with:

Stress and anxiety
Stopping smoking
Losing weight
Coping with chronic health conditions
Dental anxiety
Exam nerves
Self confidence
Pain management
Coping with loss and bereavement

For more information and to book please call 01432 356068
or email

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