Welcome to the Family Drug Support (FDS) section of our website!

FDS designed their original site by drawing on the experiences of those families who have used and benefited from their services for almost two decades.

The results from their input has been incorporated into a wide range of useful information which we have brought over to our HCS site and hope you will find helpful.

While we make every effort to provide up to date and factual information, please note that our website is for general purposes only and is not intended to provide the sole source of personal advice.

View the About Us page to see a brief history of how Family Drug Support started.

See our Drugs pages photos and descriptions of drugs including designer drugs. We explain their use, effects and risks.

On our Alcohol pages there is a guide to the number of units in common drinks. We have also provided information you may find helpful if you feel your loved one may be drinking at a level that may cause them harm.

The Comfort page is just that – to offer comfort to those who are trying to deal with a loved one’s drug or alcohol misuse.