Carers Participation

We listen to carers at every opportunity, because your views and opinions count.


We collect and analyse this information and work with Health and Social Care Practitioners to improve services. For example:
  • People respond to our quarterly Carers magazine articles
  • When we hold events we always collect Carers feedback
  • We record recurring issues and themes through our one to one support work with Carers
  • We hold specific Consultation events to gather Carers views
  • We regularly send out questionnaires to get information
What do we do with Carers views
  • We run Carer Forums (see below) – Carers and Service Managers come together to see how they can move things forward
  • We get involved in national consultations (see below)
  • We can negotiate immediate changes in services
What Carer Forums do we run?

For more information telephone 01432 356068

How was your Caring role today?

We asked Carers to tell us about the “good”, “not so good”  and “how your Caring role could be improved”.  Here are some of the answers we received.

If, you would like to send us your comments for publication on the website, please forward them to

(Updated September 2015)

Unsurprisingly, Carers took the opportunity to share their thoughts .   Just click on each of the questions above to read their views.

Contingency Planning

Herefordshire Carers Support will help you consider the tasks that you do to support the person you care for and how you would want them provided in your absence.  Through the process of thinking through what might happen before a crisis occurs, we can support you to identify family, friends or neighbours who would be prepared to help out if needed.  However, if you need a few prompts click on our  Frequently Asked Questions – and Hints on how to avoid emergencies!!

Contact us for the latest dates on Contingency Planning sessions!




2014 Carers Charter Review – your feedback needed

The Carers Charter was developed in 2011 and launched at Carers Rights Day at the end of that year.  Nearly three years on, The Carers Forum have been discussing whether “it is still fit for purpose – does it need reviewing”?

The following organisations have signed up to the Carers Charter;

  • Wye Valley NHS Trust
  • 2Gether Foundation Trust
  • Herefordshire Council
  • Hereford Housing
  • Clinical Commissioning Group

As part of the review, we want your experiences as a Carer, as to whether their practice has improved?

If you have any comments/views or experiences on the content of the Charter please let John Hayward or Chrissy Dunlop know by email on or Tel 01432 356068 and ask for Chrissy Dunlop.

Learning Disability Partnership Board re-launch

The Learning Disability Partnership Board is due to be re-launched in May with an event chaired by Councillor Chris Chappell, the New Learning Disability Champion.

Councillor Chappell will be taking up the role and supporting Councillor Graham Powell as cabinet member for health and wellbeing.  He said: “I’m delighted to be taking on this role and helping people with learning difficulties manage some of the changes that lie ahead.  Although I will be working closely with Councillor Powell, I will be a strong advocate for both service users and providers of services and challenge the council’s cabinet if I think people’s best interests are not being met.”

The purpose of the event in May will be to ask service users what issues need to be highlighted and solved.  Other questions to be answered include:

  • How should the board go forward?
  • How would you like the board designed?
  • How the board could work?
  • Who they would like to chair the board and how the chair is elected?

It has also been suggested to change the name of the board, to reflect the wider service group it will be representing, to Partnership Forum Board or something similar.

Further information, when available, can be sought from Chrissy Dunlop on 01432 356068


Are we getting it right?  

Carers Training Survey

 Closing Date – 16th June 2014

 Herefordshire Carers Support is taking part in a West Midlands wide project to ask what Carers think about training sessions, workshops and online courses.

The aim is to see what works and what doesn’t and how we can all learn from this and work together in the future to offer a wider choice for Carers

 Are you a carer of an adult relative or friend with a long term illness or disability or who is older and frail?

  • Have you taken part in any training either face to face or online?
  • Could you give us some feedback about how it helped you?
  • If you haven’t taken part in training could you tell us why?
  • Do you have opinions about what training isn’t available – but should be?
If the answer to any of these questions is Yes – it would be really helpful if you could complete a short survey at
You can interpret the word ‘training’ as widely as you like. We want to know what works for you, whatever it is called.  It might be information provided via a support group, attending a structured course, a workshop, a group etc. or completing a course on line.
The survey is being run across the West Midlands and therefore doesn’t name specific courses so if you are able to give details of the course/s that you have attended, and who provided it, it will help future planning here in Herefordshire as well as across the region.

You can complete the survey anonymously but if you do give your details you will be entered into a prize draw to win a £20 gift voucher for a store of your choice.

The survey is open until 16 June 2014

 If you would like a paper copy to complete then please contact us on 01432 356068


State of Caring survey 2014

Carers UK’s landmark annual survey is now open – help them find out what impact caring has on carers’ lives

Each year Carers UK carry out a State of Caring survey to show just what it is like to be carer.

You can help them expose how hard it can be to care and what needs to change to make carers’ lives better.

You can fill the survey in here. They’ve shortened it compared to previous years and focused on how caring affects finances, health and the ability to live your own life.

How your response helps Your views and experiences inform their work with Government and decision makers throughout the UK. Last year’s results delivered their State of Caring report into carers’  health, finances and ability to work and formed a major part of the evidence for their Caring & Family Finance Inquiry  as well as many other research reports and responses to Government.

Next year there will be a  general election and political parties are writing their manifestos setting out what they committed to do if they are elected. We want to use your   evidence to make sure carers are included in these plans. The new survey will  bring together and update a variety of different pieces of research Carers UK  has done in previous years enabling us to track changes over time, gather up to date evidence on the impact of caring and help us campaign for a better deal for you all.

Take the survey »


Male carers survey and expert Q&A event

Carers Trust is inviting any men who look after a friend or family member unpaid to take part in their new survey to help them understand more about the needs of male carers.

The survey is part of a research project Carers Trust is carrying out in partnership with the Men’s Health Forum on male carers.

To coincide with the launch of the research, they are holding a Q and A event on the discussion boards, where experts from the Men’s Health Forum will be available to talk to male carers about their experiences as carers, including how it affects their own health.

The 2001 Census figures for the whole of the UK showed that, 42% of carers are men and 58% women. Together with the Carers Trust and the Men’s Health Forum, we are keen to increase understanding and awareness of the needs of male carers and how services can respond to their needs.

The survey will close on Sunday 23rd February 2014 and the results published in Spring 2014.

Complete the survey online here

Herefordshire Carers Charter

WyeValleySigningCarers provide invaluable support to some very vulnerable people and this contribution needs to be valued, acknowledged and respected.
The Carers’ Charter has been produced by Carers of Herefordshire Carers Support to promote better recognition and support for Carers.

The Charter confirms the values, aims and standards that will be adopted by agencies (which include both Voluntary and Statutory) working in partnership with Carers within Herefordshire. It will also be used to monitor outcomes for Carers.

The Carers’ Charter is based on the key National Standards and includes two further standards that reflect the need to see Carers in their own right and to have effective proceses for assessing their needs. The standards are intended to describe what a good service to Carers should look like and to monitor outcomes for Carers. Provider services who sign up to the Charter will each have a different responsibility to Carers and will produce their own ACTION PLAN which will set out how they will deliver on these Standards. Download here.



A very big THANK YOU, to all who attended the extremely successful Carers Annual Meeting on September 13th 2012. The event was attended by 77 people, of which 52 were Carers!!

Carers took centre stage, telling other Carers about their involvement with Herefordshire Carers Support and the issues that they had been dealing with the Forums during 2012. The event was opened by Jacqui Bremner Director of Herefordshire Carers Support, and followed by presentations from Parent Carers from The Voice, a DVD showing the work of the Young Adult Carers and finally Adult Carers sharing their experiences of being involved with The Carers Forum. Sara Keetley – Wye Valley NHS Trust, Jane Melton – 2gether NHS Foundation Trust and Amy Pitt, Herefordshire Council gave a brief update on their progress with the Carers Charter which was launched at the Kindle Centre in December 2011.

The event ended on a gastronomic high with Carers from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds offering their National cuisine for people to taste, chat and share recipes!!

A report from the event is available to download here or if you would like a printed copy sent to you please contact Chrissy Dunlop or Sue Black on 01432 356068.


Forum Highlights 2011 – 2012

Over the past twelve months the Carer Forum has been working on a number of issues pertinent to Carers. The following is a summary:

Three taster sessions were held in the market towns of Hereford, Bromyard and Ross. The aim was to enhance Carers knowledge of Personalisation and Individual Budgets. A total of 27 Carers attended the three events. Carers knowledge was rated before and after the events showing a marked increase overall.

Contingency Planning
Between January and March 2012 a number of events took place throughout the County. The aim of the first session was to promote a discussion around ‘what a Contingency Plan is?’ and ‘what information would be needed?’ Discussions looked at Carers experiences of ‘providing care in a crisis’, ‘who would be your Emergency Carer’ and tools available to enhance the contingency plan Over 60 Carers attended the first events, with very positive feedback! More events are being planned culminating in a “Live Contingency Plan” event later in the year.

Carers Charter
The Carers Charter has been produced by Carers of Herefordshire Carers Support to promote better recognition and support for Carers. The Charter confirms the values, aims and standards that will be adopted by agencies, which include both Voluntary and Statutory. To date, Wye Valley NHS Trust, Herefordshire Council and 2gether NHS Foundation Trust have signed up to the Charter. Action Plans to implement the Charter are in the process of being populated and updates on progress will be delivered to the Carer Forum regularly by Service Managers.

Confidentiality Workshop
In January 2012, a workshop for Carers/Practitioners on Confidentiality was held at the Kindle Centre. The aim of the session is to ensure that Carers are better informed regarding the information that can be shared between Carers and Practitioners. 25 Carers and Practitioners attended the session which was facilitated by Ruth Hannan, Princess Royal Trust for Carers. The workshop looked at good practice in sharing information with Carers and families. Evaluations of the event were extremely positive and further workshops have been requested.

Herefordshire Carers Strategy
The Carer Forum was involved with the shaping and design of the refresh of the Herefordshire Carers Strategy in the form of a focus group and questionnaires. The Forum was also asked to invite Carers to take part in the selection panel of the procurement process for short breaks in the County. Updates on the progress of the Strategy are regularly delivered to the Forum from the Commissioners.

If you feel that you have something to offer the Carer Forum and you would like to be involved please contact Chrissy Dunlop on 01432 356068 or e-mail

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