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State of Caring survey 2014

Carers UK’s landmark annual survey is now open – help them find out what impact caring has on carers’ lives

Each year Carers UK carry out a State of Caring survey to show just what it is like to be carer.

You can help them expose how hard it can be to care and what needs to change to make carers’ lives better.

You can fill the survey in here. They’ve shortened it compared to previous years and focused on how caring affects finances, health and the ability to live your own life.

How your response helps Your views and experiences inform their work with Government and decision makers throughout the UK. Last year’s results delivered their State of Caring report into carers’  health, finances and ability to work and formed a major part of the evidence for their Caring & Family Finance Inquiry  as well as many other research reports and responses to Government.

Alongside understanding the impact   of changes and cuts to care services and benefits, next year Carers UK will   be marking 50 years since its creation so it is especially important for us   to be able to paint a picture of the experiences of carers today.

Next year there will also be a   general election and political parties are writing their manifestos setting   out what they committed to do if they are elected. We want to use your   evidence to make sure carers are included in these plans. The new survey will   bring together and update a variety of different pieces of research Carers UK   has done in previous years enabling us to track changes over time, gather up   to date evidence on the impact of caring and help us campaign for a better   deal.

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Take the survey »
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Take the survey »

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