Think Carer

When Carers are valued for their contribution to the community and their needs are recognised then everyone benefits. If Carers have access to the advice and services they need, they will become more resilient. It is more likely they will be able to continue in their caring role whilst also address some of their own needs.

The Think Carer project will build on Herefordshire Carers Support’s previous work with health professionals and employers. We will also engage with mainstream organisations to raise awareness and encourage systemic change regarding Carer recognition.

All organisations face a climate of reducing resources which has an impact on what can be achieved. However, there are examples of good practice where small changes have had a positive impact for all.

This is an evolving project which will develop with the voice of the carers in Herefordshire.

Resources will be added to the website throughout the year.

We aim to produce a space where good practice around the county can be shared by all.

We welcome contributions from everyone. Currently we are able to offer:

Carer Aware Training for Professionals

Joint project work - e.g. to introduce Carers’ Leads/Champions

Talks to groups

Regular Carer Awareness Sessions

Sharing of good practice

Links to useful resources

Unpaid carers are one of Herefordshire’s most valuable assets and play a crucial role within the county’s health and social care sector.

A Joint Carers Strategy for Herefordshire 2017 – 2021 by Herefordshire Council

Carers Passport

We are in the process of developing this site to include useful information and resources.  Whether you are a health or social care provider, a voluntary organisation, an employer or a business there are things that you can do to identify and support Family Unpaid Carers that you come into contact with.

A Carer Passport is a record which identifies the carer in some way and sets out an offer of support.  Carer Passports can be in range of settings: workplace, hospitals, schools, mental health trusts, the community, universities etc.

For example, the Herefordshire Carers Support (HCS) I Count Card is given to every carer who registers with Herefordshire Carers support.  This card identifies the individual as a carer and also offers a range of discounts/benefits from local and national businesses.

If you are an unpaid carer and do not already have an I Count card, please contact us at

If you provide a statutory service, are an employer, run a community group or have a business and want to recognise and support carers, please call 01432 356068 or email to discuss how you can help.