Carers Leads & Champions

What are the benefits of having a named GP Carers Lead

A step to Valuing and supporting carers

Carers contribution to the wellbeing of others is invaluable; without unpaid carers the state would need to spend significantly more on health and social care.  It is a known fact that Carers tend to neglect their own health; their priority being to look after the one they care for.

Carers should be recognised as expert partners as they are the ones who most understand and know the people they care for. Their relationship with the cared for can enhance patient care and help identify any problems. Without the input of the carer vital information may be lost. Involving the carer will lead to good patient care.

Over 80% of carers have seen their GP in any year; a far higher proportion than any other professional support team. Primary care is often the initial point of access for further support for carers and as such has a significant role in identifying carers. It is clear that supporting carers benefits both the carer and the cared for.

Having a named member of staff as a Carers Lead will raise awareness about carers amongst the practice staff who will then understand and acknowledge the role.

Carers Lead role

  • Develop links with Herefordshire Carers Support and illness-specific groups (stroke, MS, head injury, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s) to act as a conduit between carers, the GP surgery and appropriate sources of support.
  • Maintain and update the carer register ensuring that Read Codes are used appropriately.
  • Obtain leaflets and posters about local carer support for the waiting room.
  • Write updates for the practice newsletter.
  • Audit the practice’s carer support by using the Action Guide for Supporting Carers, developed by the RCGP with the Princess Royal Trust for Carers.
  • Keep colleagues up to date with developments in carer support both locally and nationally.

Carers Leads in GP Surgeries across Herefordshire

  • GP Surgery

  • Alton Street

    Belmont Medical Centre




    Ewyas Harold



    King Street


    Kington (The Meads)

    Ledbury Market Street

  • Carer Lead

  • GP Surgery

  • Moorfield House

    Mortimer (Kingsland)

    Much Birch



    Quay House

    Sarum House

    St Katherines

    The Marches

    Wargrave House



  • Carer Lead