About Us

Herefordshire Carers Support exists to ensure that carers are universally recognised as fundamental to the communities in which they live and to ensure that there is a balance between their caring responsibilities and their lives outside their caring role.

We aim to fulfil our mission by:

Actively involving carers to tell us what services they wish to receive

Sharing our knowledge and skills to inform others about best practice

Promoting the participation of carers in their communities by recognising and overcoming the barriers that they face

Participating in the development of policies that enhance equality and thereby challenging discrimination

Working in partnership with other voluntary, statutory and private organisations

Efficiently delivering support to Carers that is of a high quality and links across professional and administrative boundaries


Herefordshire Carers Support has a set of clear values that underpin our mission:

Every individual, group, family and community has strengths

Our support is based around respect for the resources and expertise Carers already possess. Identifying and mobilising Carers' assets are the foundation for improving their lives and experiences.

Crisis, illness and struggle may be injurious but they may also act as sources of challenge and opportunity

We do not deny the personal and emotional costs of caring but we also see the opportunity and learning that springs from adversity; the love and commitment from which caring comes. Recognising and supporting skills of resilience empowers people to value and develop their abilities.

Growth and change have no upper limits

We take individual, family and community aspirations seriously. Our realism is optimistic; we focus on the future rather than the past. By fully believing in the potential of Carers and keeping an alliance with their hopes and values we engage with their potential, not what they are limited by.

We best serve Carers by collaborating with them

We work to ensure that individual voices are heard and valued at every stage of support, including at a strategic level, in the way services are planned. We don't lead Carers, we learn from them. The strengths perspective focuses on the choices, goals and expertise that people form for themselves and ensures these are reflected in all our work with them.

Every environment is full of resources

We believe that each person's environment is rich with possible sources of help but Carers sometimes need the confidence that support work brings, to access and coordinate these. When given the opportunity both formal and informal partnerships can contribute assets that may not be intensive or costly but that people greatly value because they bring sustainability to a situation.

Caring, caretaking and context

Caring relationships are fundamental to human well-being. Our role is to assist families, neighbourhoods and communities to care for their members and for themselves. By engaging with the full social identity of Carers we recognise their importance within a network of relationships.


Herefordshire Carers Support aims to provide the best quality services at all times.

It is the responsibility of everyone in the organisation to strive for the highest standards in their work. Quality is everyone's business and its constant pursuit is integral to the work of Herefordshire Carers Support.

To maintain the quality of our work we manage quality through the standards of PQASSO Level 2 and 'Centre of Excellence' of the Carers Trust.