#YourConversation – Phase 1 Engagement Report October 2016

#YourConversation – Phase 1 Engagement Report October 2016

Healthwatch Herefordshire (HWH) has been working with Carers groups to understand the needs and requirements of Carers and those they support in a sustainable health and care system for the future.

Carers can provide a wealth of experience and information to providers about how a service operates to best meet the needs of themselves and those they care for. Carers have additional responsibility for the health and wellbeing of the person they care for, and with that the challenges to the maintenance of their own physical and mental health, which often comes second.

In a two part engagement exercise, to facilitate meaningful conversations with carers, HWH visited carers support groups in Leominster and Bodenham, and Alzheimer’s support groups in Ross-on-Wye and Hereford. HWH discussed a number of talking points which provided a real insight into how services could improve to better meet carers needs and those of the people they care for.

The second part of the engagement activity is an electronic survey emailed out via Herefordshire Carers Support, which was all about gathering Carers views on ‘doing things differently’ in health and care. HWH received over 150 completions of the survey and the data is being compiled in a parallel report.

Please see the full report here: Phase-1-HWH-Engagement-Report-Oct-2016.pdf