Carers Strategy 2017 – have your say!

Carers Strategy 2017 – have your say!

The attached email has been forwarded to us by a number of Carers who have received it from Herefordshire Council.  It appears to have been sent to those Carers who attended one of the ‘engagement’ events during March, some of which took place at our Carer groups.

We feel that all Carers should have the right to consult/contribute to a strategy which is going to have an impact on the type of support you will have access to in the future.

‘The strategy focusses on six priorities: under each priority we have identified what we our desired outcomes are for that respective priority – these are based on what we think we can achieve realistically in the current political and financial climate.’

We would also draw your attention to the fact that as a strategic document rather than a solution/delivery document it is surprising that it would appear that the service provider has already been identified i.e. WISH. 

This is a provider of information (using an electronic warehouse) for the whole population of Herefordshire rather than Carer specific information and advice and it may not provide the additional support so often needed at the time of calling which Herefordshire Carers Support.  

We are therefore sending the email on to you so that you have the choice of whether to respond and/or attend the meeting on the 25 May.  You will see that there is a very tight deadline with responses needed by the end of May.  If you have any queries you can either contact the council directly or call us at 01432 356068.