Petition for free/concessionary travel for carers

Petition for free/concessionary travel for carers

Amanda Macdonald has created a petition on campaigning for free/concessionary travel for carers.

The proposal is that the government take the initiative to offer free/concessionary transport for carers to allow them to better care. This could be possible either through adapting the the concession and companion card which currently allows the carer to travel with the cared for but not seperately which in most cases is needed or through some form of  add on to carers allowance for those in receipt of it though preferably carers wouldn’t need to be in receipt of carers allowance as not every carer who could benefit from this travel are.

Amanda Macdonald’s petition has currently reached over 1800 signatures and is being backed by my local council’s petition board (Renfrewshire Council), in lobbying the Scottish Government to provide free/concessionary transport for unpaid carers.

Some other supporters of the petition include; Cosla, The coalition of carers, Carers UK, Enable Scotland and many MSP’s.

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