Carers Emergency Card

Carers Emergency Card


As a carer you need to know that if an emergency happens, replacement care will get sorted out speedily and efficiently.  This Emergency Card Scheme is designed to reassure Carers and the person they care for that, in an emergency, help will be on the way.

Am I eligible for the service?

If you are a carer aged 16 and above and provide care and/or support for a family member, friend, relative or disabled child, you can apply for the service.

What are the benefits of being registered on the scheme?

  • You will have plans in place in case anything happens to you
  • You will have 24 hour a day emergency cover
  • You will have peace of mind

It is FREE to apply for a Carers Emergency Card.

Carers carry a card which shows their name, a unique identification number and an emergency phone number. If a carer has an accident/emergency or is taken seriously ill, then the card can be used to alert a 24 hour emergency call centre (Careline) that the person they care for needs help. Steps are then taken to ensure the safety of the person cared for.

The operator must be able to pass on the emergency call to someone who will look after the person you care for. So, in case your emergency contacts are not available, the final contact is Social Services Emergency Duty Team.

Emergency Cards for Carers in Herefordshire are administered by Herefordshire Carers Support and works in partnership with the Careline scheme run by Herefordshire Housing operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Download a Herefordshire Carers Emergency Card leaflet/application.

Emergency Planning

We would also recommend you have an emergency plan in place.  To help you with this we have developed a ‘Contingency Planning’ booklet.  This booklet is aimed to help you and the person you look after.  Having a plan in place can help ease your worries if you are not able to care for the person you look after at any point in the future.

Involving others in the plan

You may be able to arrange help and support from family and friends but it can be reassuring to have the involvement of your local council/trust in case informal arrangements fall through.

One way to do this is through an assessment for the person you look after or a carer’s assessment for yourself. See Carers UK webpage on assessments for the person you look after and carer’s assessments for further information.

Every carer who has an assessment should be asked about emergencies and offered help to plan for them. In addition, people who provide care for people with mental health problems under the care programme approach should have a written care plan which includes contingency planning.

Other ideas for help in an emergency

  1. The ICE (In Case of Emergency) numbers 
    Enter your chosen number into your mobile then put in ICE1 and name; other emergency numbers can be ICE2, ICE3, etc.
    This small discreet metal box is fixed to the outside of your house and is opened by a number code.  Contact Herefordshire Council’s ‘You @ Home Team’ 01432 260757.  There is a charge.
  3. The Red Folder Scheme 
    This is where you keep all the information needed to sort out an emergency situation in a folder close to the telephone.
    If you would like to know more about any of these ideas, or help completing a ‘Contingency Plan’ please get in touch with us.

Carers are also entitled to a Carers ‘I Count’ Card to use for a variety of discounts.